nPOD Working Groups

The nPOD working groups investigate specific points of interest in diabetes research.


nPOD Viral

nPOD-V represents a self-assembled collaborative effort with the goal of investigating the role of viruses in T1D through the study of nPOD samples.


nPOD Autoimmunity

The nPOD-A group studies autoreactive T cells, B cells and other immune cell types with multiple goals:  defining T cell receptor sequences,  defining antigen specificities and functional properties, and identifying therapeutic targets.


nPOD Extracellular Matrix

The nPOD-ECM group is interested in the study of extra-cellular matrix components in the pathogenesis of T1D.


nPOD Omics

This group aims to establish standardized ‘omics data for each precious sample to better understand T1D pathogenesis.


nPOD Transplant

nPOD-T is aimed at scientifically researching human pancreatic tissue from organ donors who have had a pancreas transplant.