OPO Recovery Instructions

For all OPOs that refer directly to nPOD, please call 1-866-731-6585. (*See the list below)

For those that refer through IIAM, please call 1-800-486-4426.

For those that refer through NDRI, please call 1-800-222-6374.

For those that refer through Promethera, please call 1-877-433-1916

Acceptance Criteria and Recovery Instructions

Acceptance criteria

These documents define the current nPOD donor groups (T1D, AAb+, neonatal, and other) and provide inclusion and exclusion criteria for each group. These documents will change due to the dynamic needs of nPOD investigators.

Organ recovery protocols and checklists

The purpose of these documents are to outline the protocols for the organs and tissues to be collected from nPOD donors (pancreas, spleen, non-pancreatic lymph nodes, bone marrow, thymus and blood). Please contact nPOD to obtain the most current and up to date versions of the recovery protocols

Bone marrow protocols

Whenever possible, we ask our recovery partners to obtain bone marrow to include with nPOD cases.

Organ recovery video (View Video)

This instructional video is intended for OPO and tissue bank personnel training purposes only. It shows the nPOD recovery procedure from a cadaveric donor.


OPOs With a Direct Relationship to nPOD:

  • Center for Organ Recovery and Education
  • Lifesharing
  • LifeLink of Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico
  • LifePoint
  • LifeQuest
  • Midwest Transplant Network
  • New England Organ Bank
  • OneLegacy
  • LifeNet Health (Tissue)

Additional recovery protocols and checklists