For Investigators. 2012 nPOD Annual Meeting Presentations for Distribution

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Session 1: Viral Etiology

Title: Replication Defective Enterovirus Infections: Implications for Type 1 Diabetes
Presenter: Nora Chapman

Title: Detection of Enteroviruses in Tissue Samples of Cadaveric Organ Donors with Type 1 Diabetes
Presenter: Heikki Hyöty

Title: Detection of Enteroviral Proteins and Cellular Antiviral Responses in the Islets of Type 1 Diabetes Patients: A Comparative Analysis of Two Cohorts
Presenter: Sarah Richardson

Title: nPOD Viral Workgroup Introduction/Overview
Presenter: Alberto Pugliese

Title: nPOD Viral Workgroup – Update of Collaborative Plans and Ongoing Activities for IHC Studies
Presenter: Sarah Richardson

Title: nPOD Case 6052 – Focal MHC Class I Hyperexpression and Insulitis
Presenter: Ken Coppieters

Session 2: Autoantigens, T Cells and TCRs: Human Disease-specific Therapeutic Targets

Title: Defining Primary Trimolecular Complex for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Presenter: George Eisenbarth

Title: In-situ Detection of Islet Antigen-specific CD8 T Cells in Insulitic Lesions of New-onset and Long-term Type 1 Diabetes Patients
Presenter: Ken Coppieters

Title: 454 Pyro-sequencing of T Cell Receptors Targeting Pancreatic Islets
Presenter: Maki Nakayama

Title: Monoclonal Expansions of TCR in a Diabetic Pancreas
Presenter: Mercè Martí

Session 3: Heterogeneity of Pancreas Pathology and Disease Mechanisms

Title: Expression and Regulation of Chemokines in Human Islets and Type 1 Diabetes
Presenter: Suparna Sarkar

Title: Down Regulation of Glucokinase and Mitochodrial ATP Synthase from Type 1 Organ Donors
Presenter: Yaíma Lightfoot

Title: Complement Activation in Type 1 Diabetes: Analysis of Pancreatic Tissue from nPOD Cases
Presenter: Patrick Rowe

Title: Adhesion Molecules on High Endothelial Venules of Pancreatic Lymph Nodes from Humans with Type 1 Diabetes
Presenter: Sara Michie

Session 4: From Genetics to Gene Expression in nPOD Tissues

Title: Regulation of Self-antigen Expression in Relation to Self-tolerance
Presenter: Alberto Pugliese

Title: Disease-dependent and Tissue-specific Changes in Gene Expression in Type 1 Diabetes
Presenter: Garry Fathman

Title: Identification of Extra-thymic Aire-expressing Cells (eTACs) in Human Tissue and Comparison between Type 1 Diabetic and Non-diabetic Controls
Presenter: Eileen McMahon

Session 5: What’s New at nPOD?

Title: What’s New at nPOD
Presenters: Martha Campbell-Thompson, Desmond Schatz, Clive Wasserfall, Jayne Moraski, Suzy Ball, Amy Wright, John Kaddis, Mark Atkinson, Carmen Retrum, Alberto Pugliese

Session 6: Emerging Technologies and Novel Research Avenues

Title: The Bone Marrow in Type 1 Diabetes – Feasibility of Flow Cytometric Analysis of nPOD Bone Marrow Specimens
Presenter: Paolo Madeddu

Title: The Role of IA-2 Extracellular Domain in Type 1 Diabetes Progression
Presenter: Michael Morran

Title: In Vitro Evaluation of Non-specific Binding of the Candidate Beta Cell Mass PET Probe (+) 18F-FP-DTBZ
Presenter: Paul Harris

Session 7: Pancreas and Beta Cell Biology

Title: The Pancreatic Duct Gland Compartment in Non-diabetic and Type 1 Diabetic Subjects
Presenter: Peter Butler

Title: Formation of a Baseline Pancreatic Beta Cell Mass in Humans is Completed Early in Life
Presenter: Chris Rhodes

Title: Beta Cells Persist in Some T1DM Pancreata without Attempted Evidence of Beta Cell Turnover nor Insulin-Glucagon Co-expression
Presenter: Dan Jacobson

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