Nagesha Guthalu Kondegowda, PhD

Nagesha Guthalu Kondegowda, obtained his Ph.D., in Biotechnology from University of Mysore, India. Dr. Kondegowda is working at Arthur Riggs Diabetes and Metabolism Research Institute, City of Hope, California, in Dr. Rupangi Vasavada lab. His longstanding research focus is on finding ways to induce the growth, survival, and regeneration of functioning pancreatic beta cells in vivo. His research interests are on the role of growth factors and their signaling and molecular pathways through which they mediate effects in normal pancreatic beta cell physiology and in the pathophysiological settings of diabetes and islet transplantation. The translational goals of his research are: i) to induce human beta cell growth and function including in the setting of islet transplants; ii) to induce beta cell regeneration in vivo; iii) and to improve outcomes in animal models of type 1 and/or type 2 diabetes, either through the acute use of growth factors or downstream target molecules activated by these factors. The ultimate objective of his research is to find ways to enhance preservation and regeneration of functional beta cells in vivo, for the treatment of diabetes. His findings on osteoprotegerin and its effect on beta cell homeostasis is well received in the field of diabetes research. 

Dr. Kondegowda’s recent interest is to study the role of extracellular vesicles (EVs) derived from the circulation or tissues of patients with type 1 diabetes. Particularly, his goal is to examine how EVs at different stages of type 1 diabetes are cytotoxic to beta cell health and induce pro-inflammatory phenotype in immune cells, to identify the distinct cargo in the EVs that mediates its functional effects, and ultimately to investigate their potential as disease biomarkers.