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Registration through Donate Life America is a binding, legal document of gift. You affirm the information provided is accurate. You agree upon death to donate all eligible organs and tissue for transplant. You can update or remove your registration or specify more detailed donation preferences at any time at


Sign up for nPOD Donor Card

Make Your Family Aware of Your Wish to Donate to T1D Research

This card will alert your family of your desire to donate your pancreas to type one diabetes research. nPOD will send you a blank card for you to sign that can assist you in conveying your desire to donate with family, friends and potentially health care workers.

In the unfortunate event of your demise and if you become an organ donor, nPOD will work with your local organ procurement organization to facilitate your gift to nPOD research, as long as donation is feasible. Please keep in mind, there is no guarantee that your “gifts” will be accepted for donation due to a number of medical criteria that will determine suitability.

Due to laws and regulations, nPOD cannot receive direct donations, all donations are handled through organ procurement organizations.

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