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Once again we will be using a master rooming list, so please do not contact the hotel. Email with any questions.


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February 20-23, 2018

JDRF nPOD 10th Annual Scientific Meeting

The Diplomat Beach Resort

3555 South Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL  33019

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We are united in one goal, to cure type 1 diabetes.

All abstracts will be evaluated by an expert panel, with those deemed of highest impact for this meeting selected for oral presentation. Every abstract is invited to present as part of a formal poster presentation event.


Deadline for late-breaking abstract submission for the 2018 JDRF nPOD 10th Annual Scientific Meeting is December 1st, 2017

Please use this template to prepare abstracts and email them to nPOD Investigator Coordinator, Amanda Myers, at


Publication Highlight

Persistence of Pancreatic Insulin mRNA Expression and Proinsulin Protein in
Type 1 Diabetes Pancreata

Wasserfall et al. analyze rare pancreatic samples from T1D patients. They find proinsulin protein and persistence of insulin mRNA but decreased proconvertase PCSK1 and undetectable INS hnRNA. These findings indicate the presence, in long-term T1D subjects, of a population of b cells with impaired insulin gene transcription and inefficient proinsulin processing.

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