Welcome to nPOD online pathology

All scientific investigators have access to our password protected online pathology site. On this site, you will be able to view whole slide scanned images of H&E and IHC stained tissue sections for each nPOD donor. These images are created using an Aperio ScanScope CS system. To gain access to these images, please follow the instructions below.

Apply for an nPOD username and password

To request a username and password, please fill out our password request form. You may be contacted by a nPOD staff member to verify your identity and establish eligibility. We make every effort to respond to nPOD inquiries within two business days.

A reminder of the nPOD password eligibility policy: nPOD will provide Aperio passwords to those that meet one of the three following requirements:

  • 1) Requestor is an author or co-author on a scientific, peer-reviewed publication
  • 2) Requestor is affiliated with an academic institution, as evidenced by an email address ending in .edu or similar international indicator
  • If neither requirement (1) nor (2) are met, requestor must submit a written justification explaining the desire for access.

Please note: Use of nPOD’s online pathology images require copyright permission from the JDRF nPOD Administrative Core. To obtain permission, please email us. Requests for utilization must be submitted at least 5 days in advance of any submission (for publication) or use in online display.

Download and install free Aperio ImageScope software

ImageScope is an excellent image viewing program and is highly recommended.

To install ImageScope (Windows), click on the icon below and save the program to your desktop. Users will use the default image viewing program.


After downloading, double-click on the file which should launch and install the latest version automatically.

Login to the secure nPOD Online Pathology website by clicking on the ‘User Login’ button after entering the assigned username and password.

Please note: nPOD’s Online Pathology Server has moved (January 8th, 2014). Please use the above link to access the database and update your bookmark. This version of online pathology is compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 only, if you use any other browser you will experience lag. Additionally it is recommended that everyone update their version of Imagescope which if provided free on the Aperio website.

Instructions for Navigating Slides with Spectrum and Aperio ImageScope

The Aperio Imagescope viewer allows in depth viewing of scanned slides. Navigating the slide is also relatively easy. The nPOD Spectrum and Aperio Tutorial (PDF) will highlight many of the key navigational controls.

If you have any questions, please first read the help instructions for both Spectrum and ImageScope then contact nPOD.

nPOD Online Pathology 101 Webinar

For more information on what can be found in nPOD’s Online Pathology database and how to best utilize it, please view the following webinar video from Dr. Martha Campbell-Thompson.