Annual Meeting 2015 Call for AbstractsDon CeSar Hotel

Attention nPOD Investigators,

We are happy to announce the Call for Abstract, 2015 JDRF nPOD Annual Scientific Symposium. The meeting will be held February 22-25, 2015 in St. Pete Beach, Florida at the Loews Don CeSar Hotel. More information about the registration, hotel and travel logistics is available here. 

Deadline for abstract submission is on October 17th, 2014Click here to download the template.


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Exeter Photo

Exeter slides now available

nPOD Online Pathology Database has obtained scanned images from slides used in an insulitis workshop held in Exeter, UK, November 2013. A group of premier pathologists and investigators (Mark Atkinson, Alex Butler, Martha Campbell-Thompson, Francesco Dotta, Alan Foulis, Peter In’t Veld, Günter Klöppel, Ed Leiter, Noel Morgan and Sarah Richardson) met  to review histopathological characteristics of insulitis in human type 1 diabetes in light of a recent consensus statement on insulitis [1]. Representative scanned slides from patients at disease onset were compared to those in the nPOD biobank from recent onset organ donors with type 1 diabetes.  These slides are very precious and some are dated way back from 1930s  [2-8]. Once you login onto nPOD Online Pathology, you can find six Exeter folders organized by submitter. To request access to nPOD Online Pathology, please visit Online Pathology Info page.

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Availability of Retired Cases for Assay Validation and Generation of Preliminary Data

The JDRF nPOD has now available a couple of cases that have been retired for distribution to research projects, but can be used for assay validation or generation of preliminary data. Reasonable amounts of materials can be requested, using the tissue request formThese specimens are available to approved nPOD investigators and to investigators who do not yet have a project approved by nPOD. For example, such specimens could be used to validate an antibody stain in human pancreas, when the investigator has not yet examined human tissues. When requesting such tissues, please provide a short justification and specify quantities, again using the tissue request form is preferable.

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Investigator Spotlight:

Marika Bogdani, MD, PhD

Research Scientist Benaroya Research Institute

The JDRF-nPOD Scientists Who Seek the Cure for T1D

Each month, we highlight one of the nPOD investigators. Thanks to the fundraising of all the JDRF chapters, these scientists are able to have access to nPOD samples for their work. We’ll let them introduce themselves, tell you about their research, and their lives.

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